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I currently work as the Director of Strategic Planning and Research at Richter7, the most creative and decorated agency in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Jul 25, 2008

Obama goes shopping

Barack Obama went to Germany and said to the German people he was not speaking as a candidate for office, but as a citizen of the world.

He then cancelled a trip to visit wounded soldiers at Landstuhl in favor of a shopping trip in Berlin. His excuse is that, contrary to what he told the press and public, he really was on a political trip and did not want to see the wounded troops as a result. Never mind that he mixed and mingled with the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Ach mann! Ich muss ja diesen Berliner Verkauf unter die Lupe nehmen! So was gibt's nicht zu Hause.

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Jul 21, 2008

Oklahoma City Thunder

Numerous sources are reporting that the team formerly known as the Seattle Supersonics are about to become, wait for it ... The Oklahoma City Thunder!

Seriously, what a lame name. It sounds like some CBA squad or minor league hockey team. A loud but completely harmless noise created by Mother Nature. Oohh! Not to mention its another singular team nickname. I can just hear the PA announcer, barely audible over the predictable AC/DC Thunderstruck playing during the player intros:

"Now starting at power forward, number 33, Jackie Moon!"

Of course, if you look at the current roster, the Thundah aren't that far off from being a CBA squad. They just extended a 4 year, $15 million offer sheet to CJ Miles of the Utah Jazz (another lame singular team nickname with no relevance to Utah whatsoever), who never could get off the bench on a team that until last season had no consistent output from the 2 guard spot and has averaged 4.0 points and 1.3 boards. All you 16,000 OKC fans who signed up for season tickets, get ready for amateur basketball at its best.

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