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I currently work as the Director of Strategic Planning and Research at Richter7, the most creative and decorated agency in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Aug 22, 2008

Where's the flag?

RNC Stage

DNC Stage

Why do the democrats have such a hard time displaying the American flag, even in their stage design at the upcoming national convention? Just some stripes that look much more like the Puerto Rican flag or a beach umbrella.

Then again, can the Republicans possibly come up with a more boring design for their convention? While the democrats go out an build an impressive stage, the GOP goes and recycles something from an old convention. Either that or a Bruce Springsteen album. Yes, I am a registered republican, but I've gotta give it up to Obamanation on this one. They do know how to better cater to today’s ADHD American Idol watching, video game playing generation of youthful voters who will be watching on wide screen HDTV screens.

Nice work, Dems, just a bit more flag next time, please. Maybe we can hold out hope that Obama will do a Bono impression and bust out an American flag stitched liner in his suit jacket. Then again, probably not.

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