Oct 14, 2008

The clock is ticking...

From Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times:

"Watching the beleaguered coach huff through humiliation reminded me of the last days of my childhood pet, Benji. He was a toy poodle, and for the unoriginal name, blame my parents. After my brother and I left home, Benji turned old and jinxed. My mother tripped over him once, dropping her coffee on him, scalding a patch of his black fur. A few years later, the neighbor ran his truck over Benji, breaking his pelvis.

"During his final years, I would visit home, notice Benji graying and limping and hairless in one spot and think to myself, 'Lord, please take him.'

"Which is the only way to feel about Willingham right now.

"Because of his own mismanagement, he's a suffering Dawg, and every game he limps onto the field, overmatched and overwhelmed, dying slowly and cruelly.

"Lord, please take him.

"End the pitiful play. End the trampled looks on the players' faces. End the fan outrage."

"Fire Willingham for his own good.

"For his health. For his sanity. For his family, which cannot be fully shielded from the public rancor.

"Every time you figure the Huskies have reached rock bottom, they fall lower. They don't even qualify as floundering anymore. There's not a word in the dictionary adequate enough to explain the bad state of this program. These next seven games will seem like seven years.

"Lord, please take him."