Oct 30, 2008

Younger Viewers Transforming TV Watching

Having just finished Seth Godin's latest book, one of the themes he consistently brings up is the death of the TV-Industrial complex. His theory, based on the military-industrial complex, models how companies would buy ads to get more distribution, sell more products, make more of a profit with which they could then buy more ads.

That doesn't work anymore. Consider an article published this morning on TVWeek, which discusses how Millennials, those ages 13-29, exhibit significantly different viewing habits than previous generations. They are three times as likely to use DVRs and watch TV outside the home than young baby boomers, and are more likely to switch around during prime-time commercials or program breaks and watch TV with others in the room.

Another study suggests that approximately half of the viewers who watch TV programs online are using the web as a replacement for watching those programs on traditional TV. Recognizing the shift, TV Networks are scrambling to create their own measurements in a race to develop a standard for counting those precious eyeballs.

The old way is gone, and marketers who choose not to recognize it and long for the good old days are doomed.


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