Oct 28, 2008

Office Linebacker is Bringing the Pain Again!

One of my favorite campaigns from the past few years is making a comeback! Terry Tate, the office linebacker made famous in Reebok's 2003 campaign, has unretired to bring the pain in three new web videos for the upcoming election. Two of the videos show clips of Terry Tate sacking Sarah Palin during her infamous interview with Katie Couric.

When its game time, it's pain time. Believe that, baby!

“Get Out The Vote”
“Reading Is Fundamental”
“From Russia With Love”

Interesting note: Another former campaign made famous from the Super Bowl has reappeared just prior to the election, featuring the guys from Budweiser’s original “Wassup” ad from the 2000 Superbowl. The pro-Obama shot-for-shot “2008” parody shows just how hard the Bush years have been on them, and has chalked up more than 2 million views on YouTube since its Friday posting.