Oct 29, 2008

Just finished: "Tribes" by Seth Godin

I just finished reading, well actually listening to the audio recording of Seth Godin's latest piece, "Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us." The audio recording of his book, read by Seth himself, can be downloaded from iTunes for $0.95, or free if you register for Audible.

The book points out how we as humans, and as consumers, are returning to "tribal-like" behaviors and looking for individuals who lead and can rally a community around a common identity and purpose. He also goes into detail about what it takes to lead a tribe in today's world, and that technology makes it easier than ever to build a tribe and create change. I felt the book was dead on, and reoriented some of my own thoughts and approaches to brand building. I'd have enjoyed some more discussion on what truly separates the "successful" tribes from those that fail, and whether or not we are truly craving tribal leadership as much as we more tech-fueled humanity itself. But overall the book was great, with tons of examples of tribes big and small, full of insights and challenges to step up and lead.